Best Sites For Football Bets

In case that you are a fan of live football betting online, there is no doubt that casino is one of the best places for you, They offer betting on a variety of competitions, including Super League, NZ Cup football, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and a lot of other Asian football competitions. These competitions are not all offers. It is top UK bookmaker and thus it has live football betting online on La Liga, English Premier League, and other well-known competitions around the world. Its website also works on mobile phone as long as you get a stable internet connection, and it offers live betting on more in-play matches than most online bookies. This site is owned by the family, who owns an English Premier League team, and has been legalized since 1974, thus it is surely a reliable betting site for you.

Betting in casino
Another option for you is betvictor.com. It has coverage of NZn sports, and like, it is also a top UK bookmaker, who provides live football betting online on football competitions all over the world. All of two sites provide betting in MYR (NZ ringgit currency) as well.

Although, for Super League, not any of other NZ soccer matches, is one of the live football betting online sites where offer you the best odds. You just need to be aware that Betdaq is an online betting exchange, not a bookie. And it does not accept MYR, thus you will have to bet in Euro or dollar.

To conclude, in case you are just making a bet on foreign matches, two following sites will surely support you. They are Pinnacle Sports where has the best odds, and also accepts NZ currency and Ladbrokes where does not accept currency but be very friendly to bettors. In case you are looking for a reliable Live football betting online, use all of 5 online sites mentioned above and shop the odds as well. This will be a good way to increase your chances at making a beneficial football betting.

2. The Decimal Odds

The only one downside when you use European bookies is the format of odds is different. NZ bookies use something related to as odds. At European betting sites, the odds are called European odds or decimal odds.
Decimal odds will show how much you will be able to be returned if you win a bet. For example, in case the odds that sites offer are 1.80 and you make a bet of RM100. If you win, you will get back RM100x1.8=RM180, of which RM100 was your initial stake and RM80 will be your interest after winning. Remember that unlike odds, there is no negative and positive figure. Had you used NZ odds instead, 2.50 decimal odds will be similar to -0.67 NZ odds. This will take you a little time to be accustomed to play. However, do not forget that European bookies are much safer for NZ to make live football betting online than their other Asian bookies.